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Long/ Short trading strategies for active investors

Practice Areas


We provide swing-trading ideas on a daily basis. Our strategy generates trades that give an edge to our subscribers.

Risk Management

We believe that superior Risk Management is the key to outstanding results in the stock market. Our methodology gives you clear entry and exit points so that your risk is known in advance. Do not worry, we take care of your downside scenario!


Here at professionalism and ethics are the most important values. We want to see our subscribers successful, and our job is designed to achieve exactly this result.


Our methodology is primarily long Beta. This means that we follow market action very closely. We believe that trends are our friends.

Fundamentals and Technicals

We seek to invest in the very best stocks in the market. performs extensive fundamental analysis. The stocks that we buy are the very best candidates to lead extended bull legs in the market.

Logical approach

Our methodology is based on rationality. Traditional technical analysis and other magical indicators do not enter in our decision making process.


At we help institutional investors and retail traders to profit from the stock market. We provide trading ideas on a daily basis. Our methodology scans the market looking for technical setups that give statistical edge to traders. Our system gives the advantage of starting a position at a gain, so our subscribers can be flexible in the management of the position. This means that our service is suited for very active traders and position traders as well. 

Conservative Risk-Management practices are combined with Fundamental analysis techniques. Nicola leverages his expertise in equity research to select the stocks that are capable of outperforming the market averages.  

Sample Setups


Nicola Recchia

Nicola is the mind behind He holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from Bocconi University, a MSc in Investment Management from CASS Business School and has been a student of the Python programming online course at the University of Michigan. 

He is a CFA Level 3 candidate, and has passed the Level 1 Exam of the CAIA. 

Has won two global trading competitions, and has been an investor for his account since 2012, achieving double digits returns in every year.

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